“Managing Intolerable Neglect and Domestic Situations” (MINDS) is an initiative of the Queen Grace Foundation (QGF) and created by Genevieve Ikenchukwu, Founder of the QGF. The essence of “MINDS” is to address the plight of the Orphan Child whilst also educating on violence (domestic and general) especially violence toward our youth, the girl child and women in general. “MINDS” is the first of its kind in our nation and is already beginning to find home in various schools, offices, churches, religious organizations, etc.

In every edition, we aim to cover various sensitive issues and real life stories especially as they affect the vulnerable in the society. 

We hope that through the publication of MINDS, we are able to touch the heart of the nation (and globally) so that those in authority can address the issues highlighted and pertinent to the vulnerable. It is further hoped that with regular publication of “MINDS”, our women and children would be empowered psychologically and emotionally not only to be able to identify this menace known as violence but also to address the same confidently. “MINDS” is thus our VOICE to the society on behalf of the Orphans and victims of violence. It is our way of communicating their concerns to those who are in position to make a change. We utilize all tools available to us including the LAW, PRAYER and FAITH. 

Our writers are seasoned in their various fields and they include (but not limited to) UK based/trained legal minds and experts in Children and Adult Services, Nigeria based legal minds, sports experts, business minds, corporate executives, men of God, etc. Our QGF Children are not left out as we have the most talented children who put pen to paper effortlessly, also based in Nigeria and the UK. In fact, we find the involvement of our children so vital that we have created a segment specially for them called the QGF Writers’ Club” (children’s corner) where the children express their candid opinion on various topics. The best part of the Children’s Corner of the Writers’ Club is that the articles are published in their original form – handwritten. EDUCATION is at the CORE of our existence at the QGF. We believe that it is key to a fruitful future. Effective READING and WRITING skills constitute good education and we see a need to develop this amidst our youth. 

The Royalty & Culturesegment is one of the ways in which we promote Art and Culture especially amongst the youth. Without CULTURE we lack IDENTITY and this is a sad reality in the lives of our youth today. It is thus important to us at the QGF to promote our Arts and Culture and to encourage our youth in this regard also.

The “Ask Aunty Gene” segment aims to encourage young girls to ask whatever question they might find absolutely personal, almost too embarrassing for them to talk to mum or dad about. Such questions range from online issues to boyfriend, make-up, and, etc. (girlie issues in general).

The QGF Word of Wisdom is our latest addition into MINDS and is targeted towards our spiritual edification. Here, we meet with our spiritual father, Pastor Wale Adefarasin, General Overseer and Senior Pastor of Guiding Light Assembly, Nigeria. You couldn’t ask for a better and more insightful knowledge of the Word of God.

We are confident that with the introduction of “MINDS”, not only will knowledge of violence in its various forms be spread across our community, our children and women, especially the girl child will be better equipped to protect themselves from any form of the menace. Consequently, our society will gradually but surely benefit and we hope to see a reduction in such hideous crime. 

We seek sponsorship of MINDS and call on interested individuals and/or organisations who would like to be a part of this initiative to contact us. “MINDS” is currently published annually but with your sponsorship, the QGF will be in a position to make this magazine available on a quarterly or bi-annual basis as originally intended. Also contact us if you are interested in subscribing to MINDS. 

We have now published four editions of MINDS with the fifth due later this year.Get your e-copy of previous editions for less than half price now. 

Get your online copy of the MINDS magazines here.

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