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OIF Newsletter Vol 1 No.12

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Happy Holidays Everyone!

One word sums up the entire 2017 for us at the OIF and presumably others – “GRATEFUL”.

Oh yes, we are indeed grateful for the gift of LIFE. We are grateful for HEALTH. We are grateful for the BASIC NECESSITIES OF LIFE, such as food, clothing and a place to call HOME. We are grateful for the AIR that we breathe. In a nutshell, we are grateful for EVERYTHING both good and bad. Finally, we are grateful for the OBI IKENCHUKWU FOUNDATION and the ability to carry on even in tough times.

A lot has happened this year. We opened the year with minimal support and we are closing it in similar vein but in all this, we remain grateful. We are grateful for where we are at the moment because we have LIFE and where there is life there is HOPE. We are thus hopeful that the coming year will be better and we will make more impact in our society. For those who stood by us through thick and thin such as our partners and sponsors of our 2017 “our voice…the change” – Tolaram Groups/Foundation; Nigerian Bottling Company; Access Bank; OYASAF; Nike Art Gallery; Rosa Nwanimu Foundation; Guiding Light Assembly; Trinity House; the Bank of Industry and all the individuals who supported us during this period, we say THANK YOU and GOD BLESS YOU. We couldn’t have done it without your support.

We introduced the OIF NEWSLETTER this year and it has been an insightful piece of information to our readers. We have touched on topics ranging from various aspects of VIOLENCE, to our CULTURE, drawing particular attention to specific Cultures such as that of Agbor Kingdom in Delta State and Benin Kingdom in Edo state. We even acknowledged the remarkable role of powerful Queens such as Queen Amina of Zaria, Queen Idia of Benin and Queen Moremi of Ife.

With the aim of promoting Arts & Culture amongst the youth, the OIF team visited the National Museum Onikan, in March, a trip that ended with mixed feelings. The team also visited the Saint Columbus Grammer School, Agbor as a tribute to HRM,Obi Ikenchukwu 1, of Agbor Kingdom after which we met with residents of the Pro Labore Dei Orphanage.

The months of May and June were dedicated to the girl child, with particular focus on HRH, Queen Grace Ikenchukwu of Agbor Kingdom, mother to the OIF founder, Princess Genevieve Ikenchukwu. Thereafter, we commemorated the death of Sarah Ibikunle, which served as an eye opener on the implications of child street hawking.

We reviewed the history of the FESTAC’77 head and the story of the stolen Benin artifacts in the late 19th century, after which, we began to prepare you for our 3rd annual seminar, “our voice…the change 2017” ,which took place on the 04th of November at the Muson Centre, Onikan. Lagos by elaborating on the role of culture in the society. We honoured the late Queen Grace of Agbor by dedicating the event to our Women and Culture. We also gave out our first OIF Awards to nine deserving recipients and unveiled our scholarship scheme – The Grace & Genevieve Ikenchukwu Scholarship Scheme for Girls (GGISSG).

Although it has been a challenging year, we hope to achieve more in the next year by way of public participation, i.e. donations, feed backs and suggestions on how we can function better.

To support our cause, please find below the OIF account details:

Bank Name: Zenith Bank 
Account Number: 1013842933 
Account Name: The Obi Ikenchukwu Foundation
Bank: Access Bank
Account Number: 0762932298
Account Name: The Obi Ikenchukwu Foundation

Feel free to contact us via our contact details.

N.B: For any legal advice/opinion please contact Sceptre Legal Services via any of these numbers 01-4605611; 08098300333.

Sceptre Legal Services is the preferred law firm that represents The Obi Ikenchukwu Foundation in all legal related matters.

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