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OIF Newsletter Vol 2 No.3

The OIF March 2018 newsletter; Mothers, the bedrock of society

VOL. 2 NO. 3


Dear Sirs,


It has often been said, “Train a child, train a nation”. The OIF says – “train a girl child, train your world”. The million dollar question however is “who trains the child (girl). The undisputed answer – MOTHERS , the weaker sex, yet, arguably, the STRENGTH of a NATION. What an irony!

Who is a Mother? – All over the world and culturally, the females are recognized as mothers, although some jurisdiction like North America, parts of Europe etc. recently started viewing men as possessing qualities that give them the capacity to act in a motherly role towards children. In Africa, however, women, are still fully recognized as the only persons capable of playing such roles and regarded culturally as the bedrock of the family.

Mothers are seen all over the world as the nurturers of the future generation. A mother’s love for her child/children cannot be compared to her love for anything else. The role of a mother is best appreciated during the early period of a child’s life. The mother carries the child for approximately nine months in the womb and after delivery, sustains the life of the child by breastfeeding. She also cares for and protects the child and through this process bonds with the child. The bonding process is a very complex stage in a child’s life as this is where the mother teaches the child timeless lessons as she cooks, cleans and relates with people in the child’s presence. During this period, the child’s character is formed through the morals, etiquette and discipline instilled in the child.

It is this bonding process that actually makes children worthy members of society as the right values are inculcated and the skills that will make them excel in all of life’s endeavor acquired.

The mother also makes sacrifices for her children and home where required. Sometimes, she may have to give up personal dreams and ambitions or take up the responsibility of managing the home.

The law also recognizes the importance of women in the society and usually favours mothers where custody of a child or children arises. The law leans to the side of the mother where the child is in the infancy or below adolescent age and almost always grants custody to her except where it is proven that the mother of the child is mentally unstable and as a result cannot take care of the child or is harmful to the child.

A wise African saying – “A good son is the pride of his father, while a bad son is the child of his mother”, denotes the place of the mother in raising her children. Even the Holy Scriptures concur in Proverbs 10:1 where it says “A wise son makes a glad father, but a foolish son is the heaviness of his mother.

If there was no mother to nurture and teach the child to grow to be a responsible and impactful member of society, then we would not have society as it is today.

At the OIF therefore, we value the strength, courage and indomitable spirit of Mothers and are through this medium saying THANK YOU for your care and sacrifices. We CELEBRATE you all. This is why we are committed to training the girl child through our various scholarship schemes, especially the Grace & Genevieve Ikenchukwu Scholarship Scheme for Girls (GGISSG) (applications for which open in May/June 2018), and promoting the welfare of female victims of violence.

We also wish to remember an avid Patron of the Obi Ikenchukwu Foundation, the late Chief Emmanuel Ofulue, who passed away in December 2017, and is to be buried on the 10th and 11th of April 2018. Rest In Peace Chief, we will miss you very much.

Happy Easter to you all and we leave you with lyrics from “MOTHER AND CHILD” – a great song by the legend himself, SONY OKOSUN:

Mother – you are my soul (you are my soul)
Mother teach me how to smile because am still a child (2x)
Mother –  you are my life (you are my life)
Mother teach me how to live because am still a child
Mother – you are my sight (you are my sight)
Mother teach me how to see because am still a child
Mother – show me the way (show me the way)
I am afraid to walk in the dark because am still a child
Mother – you are my love (you are my love)
I love you more than anything , o yes am still a child
Mother and child (5x)

The OIF would be pleased to have you join us in making a difference. We will appreciate your support towards our initiatives either by donating, sponsoring a GGISSG awardee or any of our other projects, subscribing to/ purchasing our bi-annual magazine “MINDS” or partnering/ collaborating with us. It all depends on how far you can go.

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