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OIF Newsletter Vol 2 No.4

The OIF April 2018 newsletter; marking the 39th anniversary of HRM Obi Ikenchukwu of Agbor Kingdom.

VOL 2. NO. 4



HRM. Obi Ikenchukwu I of Agbor Kingdom

Our story this month is centered on the kingdom of Agbor in Delta State and the challenges of her people. For those who are familiar with the history of the ancient kingdom of Agbor, you will recall that not too long ago and for so many years, the people of Agbor lived as though they had no Monarch. They complained they hardly saw their Monarch, the young, impressionable and attractive, English bred African Traditional Ruler, HRM, Dr. Keagborekuzi I, Dein of Agbor Kingdom. There was a clear discord amongst the people of the king. Both sides just could not agree on anything. They did not understand each other. Nothing worked in Agbor. There was total chaos and confusion. The people could not understand why their Monarch was seldom around. The Monarch could not understand why the people could not understand his idea of development or his reasoning. He did not feel supported by his people. Both sides failed to see that each side saw things from very different perspectives –thanks to the various backgrounds and orientation.

It was so bad that in late 2017, fire broke out in the palace during the absence of the king and it was alleged that the youths were responsible for it. According to a source, it was their way of passing a message across to their king. Unfortunately, this action boomeranged as to the young king, it was a threat to his life and a justified reason for staying away (it should be noted that by this time, he had been away from his kingdom for about a year and the people had supposedly had enough). Another school of thought suggested that the fire might have been the Monarch’s way of getting the right attention to his condition at the palace and was premeditated BUT, that is not the story although with due respect, in our humble opinion, the above is a ridiculous suggestion.
In the heat of the problem, however, Princess Genevieve Ikenchukwu, daughter of the late Monarch of Agbor Kingdom, HRM, Obi Ikenchukwu I and Founder of the Obi Ikenchukwu Foundation (OIF), wrote a touching letter to her late father titled, “A letter to my father in the great beyond” on what would have been his 79th birthday, the 02nd of December 2017 and posted it on Social Media. Needless to say the letter generated reactions from all sides. AGAIN, that is still NOT the story. The letter outlined her sadness on the declining state of Agbor Kingdom, the impact of the king’s death on the kingdom, the breakdown of relationship between the people and their young king, his son, the stagnancy of the kingdom over the years, etc. It was a very sad letter to say the least and she concluded by beseeching the late Monarch to intervene in the affairs of his people NOW unless he was content to see his kingdom sitting comfortably in our history books and/or totally extinct. YET, this is NOT the story.
Shortly after that letter, in a dramatic change of event, the Dein returns from his trip and has remained ever since in Agbor – perhaps the longest he has ever been there. He has not only returned to Agbor but also to his PEOPLE and DUTY as the Monarch. Like his father before him, he now MIXES with the people and even better, he is mixing with other Obis of neighbouring clans. This has NEVER happened in the history of his reign as the Monarch of Agbor.
For those who do not know, Agbor is arguably the most powerful and prominent clan within the entire IKA NATION irrespective of the current political climate and whatever else is going on at the moment. Indeed, during the reign of OBI IKENCHUKWU I, Agbor was a kingdom to reckon with. The late Monarch fought to keep Agbor RELEVANT and on the MAP and to be fair, that is exactly what his son, the current Monarch is trying to achieve only doing it HIS OWN WAY which may not go down well with everyone. His intention like any good leader is to develop his people and kingdom and with their current growing relationship, it is hoped that there will be an improvement and PEACE in the once powerful kingdom.
So, that is our STORY and it gladdens our heart. We might never know the answer to the above title, but what we know is that there has been a drastic change in the conduct of the DEIN towards his people and a reciprocal action by his people who are over the moon and cannot get enough of their handsome and unique Monarch. We rejoice with the people of Agbor Kingdom and pray that this change is here to stay.
No doubt the young Monarch has struggled (perhaps still struggling) with his new life as an African King but one must admit that he is not doing badly in the circumstances. Consequently, he now breathes easy and reigns as a king should, enjoying the support and loyalty of his people much like his father did in his time. This is not to say that we are ignorant of the fact that not all who claimed to have loved the late Obi IK were genuine. Indeed his and his wife’s death were far from natural and rumour had it that they were probably killed. However, times have changed and the younger Monarchs of today seem to care less for certain aspects of their Culture especially those aspects that do not promote PEACE, GROWTH or COHESIVENESS in their community.
We pray for the safety and protection of the Dein of Agbor Kingdom and our other young Monarchs. We pray for WISDOM, FAVOUR and HUMILITY that can only come from the KING of all kings HIMSELF – JESUS.
As we mark the anniversary of the death of the great Monarch, HRM. OBI IKENCHUKWU I, we leave you with an excerpt from the letter of Princess Genevieve to her father and some lovely pictures of HRM. Obi Keagborekuzi I MIXING with his people and other neigbouring Monarchs.
“A LETTER TO MY FATHER IN THE GREAT BEYOND” by Princess Genevieve Ikenchukwu on 02 December 2017:

Dear Father,

Today would have been your 79th birthday and you have been gone for 38 years. Needless to say a lot has happened since your demise with the most obvious being that your children are all grown and have their own families. Oh by the way, you now have about a dozen beautiful grandchildren!

Now to a more serious matter and the main reason for my letter. You should know the state of affairs in your beloved Kingdom, AGBOR. In my opinion, the three words to best capture the current status of Agbor are – RETROGRESSION, CHAOS and CONFUSION! There has been little progress in your Kingdom since you “left”. Sadly, the return of your son has not made that much difference and the recent occurrences are so embarrassing I am unable to disclose them on this platform. Suffice to say that even you would be sad if you were here….

So, I say again, if you can SEE and/or HEAR, please intervene before your people become extinct. Your people need you. Your son needs you. He needs your WISDOM in ruling his kingdom. I close my letter with a recap of your words of wisdom contained in my book, CHRONICLES OF THE AGBOR ROYALTY for the benefit of both sides.

To your Son, you had this to say – it pays to mix with the people instead of being an overlord, although I reign, it is the people who rule…”.

To the People, you had this to say – Those who advocated for traditional rulers to be installed from the age of 50 cannot be termed unwise. Being a king in one’s youth is self-imprisonment. Any heir apparent to the throne should pray for his father to live long and last on the throne because when a young man is crowned, he is expected to live the life of an old man, when he lives his age, conflict is created and that can result to chaos…”.

Those who have ears, let them hear. Continue to rest in peace my Father and my King.
Your daughter.
Genevieve Nwabiani IK

HRM. Keagborekuzi I, Dein of Agbor Kingdom (left) and some Monarchs of Ika Nation
HRM. Keagborekuzi I, Dein of Agbor Kingdom (middle) and sons of the land.
(middle L -R) HRM. Dr. E. O Efeizomor, Obi of Owa Kingdom; HRM, Dr. Keagborekuzi I, Dein of Agbor Kingdom and other Monarchs of Ika Nation.
HRM Dr. Keagborekuzi I, Dein of Agbor Kingdom exchanging pleasantries with a Monarch of Ika nation.

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