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OIF Newsletter Vol 2 No.6

Welcome to our newsletter with details and information about the birth of the last dutiful queen of Agbor Kingdom – HRH Queen Grace Ikenchukwu and the birth of  a king, HRM Obi Keagborekuzi.


Dear Sirs,


HRH, Queen Grace Ikenchukwu (nee Isedeh)


HRM, Keagborekuzi I, Dein of Agbor Kingdom 









The OIF and its Founder have recently been threatened by a prominent Agbor “Father” following recent newsletter publications. We would like to say that the OIF whilst it is dedicated to the memory of the late Monarch of Agbor and his late Queen, its aims and objectives go beyond the shores of Agbor.Whilst priority will always be given to the Agbor girl child as it is the desire of the OIF Founder to promote the welfare of her people through the education of the orphans and women/girls of Agbor, we would neither be intimidated nor prevented from achieving our aims/objectives or speaking our truth.
It should further be noted that information concerning Agbor Kingdom and the Monarchy contained in our newsletters did not originate from the OIF management or team, neither is it information within our exclusive knowledge, but that within the public domain, thus accessible to everyone.


Two significant dates in the history of Agbor Kingdom in Delta State are the 02nd of June 1952 and the 29th of June 1977.On those days, two important births were recorded – the birth of HRH. Queen Grace Ikenchukwu, wife of the late Monarch, HRM. Obi Ikenchukwu I and the birth of the heir apparent to the throne, Prince Benjamin Keagborekuzi Ikenchukwu.The OIF was established in honour of the King and Queen of Agbor kingdom – HRM. Obi Ikenchukwu I and his Queen, HRH. Queen Grace Ikenchukwu. It is our way of sustaining their legacy and keeping their memory alive.


Gracious Grace.

The Queen was born into the family of a renowned Agbor legislator, Hon. Evans Isedeh as Grace Agholor Isedeh. Her mother Dorcas Alagoa was from the prominent Alagoa family in Port Harcourt, Rivers State and cousin to the late Amanyanabo of Nembe Kingdom in Rivers State and one of Nigeria’s finest legal brains, HRM. (Justice) Ambrose Alagoa, Mingi XI. So, Grace, arguably was a natural – born into royalty, which explains why she performed her royal duties effortlessly even unto her death. She was stunning and soft spoken which earned her the nick names “Gracious Grace” and “my Grace” amongst her family in Port Harcourt. 

She loved her husband and together they both served their people and kingdom of Agbor.The life of a queen in the Agbor palace was not an easy task for young Grace but she faced her challenges and dealt with them graciously. She supported her husband wholly and was instrumental to his actions in developing his people. Like her husband, Grace was very passionate about EDUCATION and encouraged him to sponsor as many people as possible especially family members. In her own little way, she invested in the lives of others and her input in the Kingdom of Agbor resulted in her being referred to as “The Last Dutiful Queen of Agbor”.

HRM, Obi Ikenchukwu I and his wife, HRH, Queen Grace Ikenchukwu.

Queen Grace died on 02 November 1977 and her husband died less than two years later on 29 April 1979. In the meantime


HRM, Obi Keagborekuzi I, of Agbor Kingdom crowned at the age of 2 and a half years old.

Twenty five years after her birth and ironically, the same year she was killed in a ghastly car crash, Agbor once again witnessed an important birth in its history – the birth of the heir apparent, Prince Benjamin Keagborekuzi Ikenchukwu. Keagborekuzi was later crowned the Obi of Agbor in 1979 following the death of his father, Obi Ikenchukwu I. He was only two and half years old making him the youngest ever crowned Monarch in the history of the world. Herein lies a significant piece of world history that must be drawn to the attention of our children.

Today, the Queen is no longer physically with us but thankfully, we still have the reigning Monarch, HRM. Keagborekuzi I who is 41yrs old today.

 HRM Keagborekuzi I, the Obi of Agbor Kingdom at first official duty.

 HRM, Keagborekuzi I, now, Dein of Agbor Kingdom.

This month therefore, the OIF celebrates these two births and on the one hand wish our late Queen and Matriarch, a posthumous birthday and a continuous peaceful rest in the bosom of the LORD. On the other hand, we wish our incumbent Monarch, HRM. Keagborekuzi I a happy birthday, a long, peaceful and impactful reign as the Traditional Ruler of the ancient Kingdom of Agbor. May the soul of HRM. Obi Ikenchukwu also continue to find peace.

Most importantly however, we give thanks to the KING of ALL kings, the ONE whose foolishness (if any) is wiser than the wisdom of all men put together, the one and only JESUS, our LORD and SAVIOUR. God bless Agbor Kingdom. God bless Ika Nation. God bless Delta State. God bless Nigeria.

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