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The QGF Scholarship for Primary and Secondary School Students

The QGF Scholarship Programme was set up to provide financial support to educate primary and secondary children in Nigeria, especially girls. We believe that Children everywhere should be entitled to the same facilities and resources such as education and the basic necessities of food, clothing and shelter to better prepare them for their future duties and responsibilities as adult citizens of their respective communities.


The GISSG was birthed from the QGF’s founder’s experience as a young orphan girl growing up in Nigeria and although she had very good education, she was plagued by the thought of her own mother’s experience as a young girl whose education was halted by her early marriage to the Monarch of Agbor Kingdom.

Queen Grace loved education and in her own little way, within her brief life, advocated for the education of women. This passion drove her to pursue a discipline in Law despite the limitations of being married at the age of 16 and having 4 children by the age of 23. Unfortunately, she died in a ghastly motor accident before the fulfillment of her academic dream. She was only 25 years old.


The Off the Street into the Classroom campaign slogan was introduced by the QGF in 2016 following their annual seminar, Our Voice…The Change 2016. The purpose of the initiative is to discourage girl child street hawking by taking young girls off the street and placing them in the classroom where they should be educated for a brighter future.

The first beneficiary under this scheme is Miss Evelyn O, a 15 year old girl, the second of six children of a single mother. Her father had died when she was very young, consequently, her mother, also a young lady, had been forced to take drastic actions to provide for her family and keep her children alive. 


“Managing Intolerable Neglect and Domestic Situations” (MINDS) is an initiative of the Queen Grace Foundation (QGF) and created by Genevieve Ikenchukwu, Founder of the QGF. The essence of “MINDS” is to address the plight of the Orphan Child whilst also educating on violence (domestic and general) especially violence toward our youth, the girl child and women in general. “MINDS” is the first of its kind in our nation and is already beginning to find home in various schools, offices, churches, religious organizations, etc.

In every edition, we aim to cover various sensitive issues and real life stories especially as they affect the vulnerable in the society. 

If you would like to make a difference in the lives of young girls, please contact us or simply make a donation towards this scheme.