Off the street into the classroom

The Off the Street into the Classroom campaign slogan was introduced by the QGF in 2016 following their annual seminar, Our Voice…The Change 2016. The purpose of the initiative is to discourage girl child street hawking by taking young girls off the street and placing them in the classroom where they should be educated for a brighter future.

The first beneficiary under this scheme is Miss Evelyn O, a 15 year old girl, the second of six children of a single mother. Her father had died when she was very young, consequently, her mother, also a young lady, had been forced to take drastic actions to provide for her family and keep her children alive. One of such actions was to send her first child (a young girl) to Lagos to work as a domestic staff and the other was to send young Evelyn to live with a non-related lady within their neighbourhood in Agbor whose condition was for Evelyn to sell pure water most days of the week and in return for a roof over her head (accommodation) and little change. If Evelyn brings home good proceeds from selling water all day, she would have some money saved towards her school fees.

This was the story of Evelyn until the QGF stepped in. We heard about her plight from her head teacher and then acting Principal, Mr. Festus Udumah, who nominated Evelyn for the QGF Sponsorship under the Off the Street into the Classroom scheme. Evelyne was the right candidate for the campaign and recipient of the scholarship for the campaign not only because she is from Agbor and hails from the village of the late Queen Grace Ikenchukwu  but also because of her quest/drive for education,

Evelyn brings home the story of Sarah Ibikunle and the tragedy that often befalls these unfortunate victims of child street hawking. JOIN THE QGF IN ERADICATING THIS MONSTER BY BEING A PART OF THIS PROJECT!

Taking young children (especially girls) off the street is what the late Monarch of Agbor Kingdom and his Queen – HRM. Obi Ikenchukwu I and HRH. Queen Grace Ikenchukwu would have expected of us and is what we intend to continue to do.

All female recipients of this scheme will automatically qualify for the GENEVIEVE IKENCHUKWU SCHOLARSHIP SCHEME FOR GIRLS – GISSG once they graduate from secondary school and secure admission into the University.

If you would like to make a difference in the lives of young girls, please contact us or simply make a donation towards this scheme through any of our bank accounts with reference QGF.OTSITC.