Our Story

Our story, history and culture

Queen Grace Foundation (QGF) was birthed from the Founder’s personal experiences as a Princess of Agbor Kingdom, an orphan and a victim of domestic violence in marriage. The loss of her parents (HRM. Obi Ikenchukwu I. and Queen Grace Ikenchukwu of Agbor Kingdom) at a young age created a void within her which she was aware could only be filled by their love and attention. She also experienced firsthand domestic violence during her brief marriage and as a result strongly advocates against violence (domestic and general) against women and girls who are usually the victims. As a daughter of Agbor, she is quite passionate about the Arts and Culture of her people as well as her country, Nigeria. She strongly believes that the identity of an individual or a group of people is embedded in their culture.

QGF was launched on the 20th November, 2015 at the Civic Centre, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria. The aim of the Foundation is two fold:

1. Promote the welfare of the orphan child and female victims of violence (domestic or general), especially the under-aged abused girls;

2. Promote Art & Culture particularly amongst the youth.

Since inception, the Foundation has taken strong measures towards fulfilling its aims and objectives. These measures include:

1. Our Annual Seminar - “Our voice…the change”: a yearly event held since inception in 2015. It is an avenue through which we create awareness amongst the public of the ills in the society whilst also proffering solutions to same. We also promote Art and Culture and to this end we partner with Nike Art Gallery, OYASAF, Didi Museum etc. So far we have held three annual seminars with the fourth “Our voice…the change 2018” due on the 2nd of December, 2018 and to be held in Agbor, Delta State. This year, the annual event shall be focused on promoting the indigenous Art and Culture of the people of Agbor Kingdom.

2. Publication of the MINDS Magazine, CoAR and Newsletters: “Managing Intolerable Neglect and Domestic Situations” (MINDS) is one of the ways by which the QGF creates awareness on the menace “violence” as well as the plight and predicament of the vulnerable in our society at the hands of the perpetrators, namely – “the orphan child”, “the girl child” and “female victims of violence”.

It also aims to promote Art and Culture among the impressionable youths of our country and beyond. “Chronicles of the Agbor Royalty” (CoAR) is written in loving memory of the Founder’s parents. It traces the short but impactful lives they lived and the role of culture in their experiences. Our QGF Newsletters explore the various aspects of life as they affect our aims and objectives.

3. Scholarship Schemes: The QGF operates several scholarship schemes for the education of orphans and girls/women. They include the QGF Scholarship which is specifically for the education of orphans within primary and secondary schools. We also have the Genevieve Ikenchukwu Scholarship Scheme for Girls, which is solely for the university education of girls/women, especially orphans and application for the 2019 GISSG Scholarship is currently ongoing click here to find out more.

4. Campaigns: After learning of the unfortunate death of Sarah Ibikunle (victim of the Lekki Armed Robbery incident of March, 2015) the QGF created and propagated the #OfftheStreetIntotheClassroom awareness campaign for the removal of young girls hawking on the streets and putting them back in school. The QGF currently has one beneficiary under this campaign scheme and the aim is to remove one girl-child off the street yearly until child hawking in Nigeria becomes extinct. Find out more about this campaign here.

5. Community Visits: In furtherance of its aims, the Foundation also pays community visits to orphanages and underprivileged communities. Since inception, the QGF has organized Christmas parties for orphans in Agbor, Delta State as well as donated clothing and food items to Orphanages. On 21 December, 2018, the Foundation donated 50 bedsheets and pillowcases to the children’s wing of the General Hospital, Agbor Delta State. The Foundation paid a community service visit to Makoko Community School on Valentine’s day, 14 February 2018, in partnership with Woodhall Capital Foundation, where we fed and donated gift items to two hundred and fifty children.

The QGF invites you to join us in making a difference by being a part of any or all of the above projects because with beautiful MINDS, we can realize our dreams. To get involved, contact us or donate to our projects.